•Rental properties are a great retirement income, especially for those who don’t have a retirement plan through their jobs (such as REALTORS like us).

•The sky is the limit for rental properties. Limitations on investment loans are constantly being reduced!

•Real estate is one of the most sound investments, traditionally.

There is always a demand for rental property (job transfers, retirees, credit issues, etc.).


•Example: $140,000.00 home.

•Interest Rate 5%.

•30 year fixed rate.

•Taxes $165/mo.

•Insurance $800/yr.

•If you put 20% down, your payment would be about $850/mo. (25% down, payment would be about $800).

•If you could charge about $1,295- 1,395 for rent, you would net about $450-600/month!!!

•So, with 20% down, or $28,000, you would make 25% income on your $28,000 investment or $7,200.

•That is a safe investment, with a great return on original investment!!

•This doesn’t include all of the TAX SAVINGS!!!

•This story is a true example that helped 20 current investors of ours!

This is just one of our many success stories involving investment properties.